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Now Offering Art Classes on Zoom!!

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I am very interested in you and your work.  Your progress

in learning to paint is my main focus.  Help is given i

n a patient courteous manner. You can ask questions throughout class time and show your work.  I work on the painting throughout the class and talk about the challenges of each part.   I can get to know you and your work and you get to meet the other students.  It's really fun.

The way the classes work

  • I email everyone a photo.

  • I do a demonstration painting and continue working on it throughout the class.  This gives students a chance to see how I do it.

Take A Class

I give suggestions during class. If you want to work on it after class, you can email me a photo and I will help some more. We work on a new painting each week.

Classes are $100. for 4 classes. Classes do not need to be used consecutively.  If you need to take a week off you can and you don't have to pay for the missed classes.

There will be a maximum of 10 students in each class.

Landscape Painting                      10 am-noon        Tuesdays 

Evening Landscape Painting       6 - 8 pm              Wednesdays

Landscape Painting                       9:30-11:30am    Fridays

Click here for the materials list.


Register Now!

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Your Teacher



Fred Bell is a great art teacher and a wonderful artist in his own right.  I have taken classes from Fred for over 5 years, and I am so glad I found him!  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced painter, Fred will work with you and help you move forward in your skills.  He is patient, kind and gentle in his comments — always pointing in a helpful direction.  His studio classes have a calm, supportive environment where we all help each other and learn.  All of us in my particular class talk about how we look forward to our classes with him - you will too.

Cathy W.

Thank you, Fred, for making painting a fun experience. Since I have started taking your zoom classes (landscape and portrait) my confidence and painting ability have improved quite a bit! The personalized feedback and interactive approach provide students, at every level, a chance to succeed. There are so many advantages to taking your classes on zoom! Close up view of your approach, observing your brushstrokes, how you paint shadows and values, and immediate response to questions, just to name a few. Having a new subject matter every class provides much needed practice and the flexibility you give your students allows for creative expression. Any hesitation I had in taking a zoom class has dissolved and I look forward to a new painting every week. Thank you for taking me to the next level! 

Susan B.

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