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When you want to sign up, please email me to let me know.  I will email you my PayPal link or you can mail a check.

Materials List:
1.) You need two brushes. Brush sizes are not consistent from brand to brand. I use a brush
sold at Dick Blick Art Supplies, Utrecht Flat 135, size 14. It's about 3/8" wide and flat.
Get one of those and a smaller round brush about 1/8" wide.


2.) Acrylic paint colors, large tube of white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, yellow ochre, burnt
sienna, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, black.


3.) Plastic water container to clean brush in. I use an empty quart yogurt container.

4.) Palette, styrofoam disposable plate from grocery store or tablet disposable palette from art
supply store.


5.) One canvas board for each class, 9x12" or 11x14" or 12x16"

6.) Paper towels or rags

7.) Pencil

8.) Palette knife

9.) Optional: table top easel

This is not an absolute list. If you already have materials use them and if they don't work for
this class buy new stuff. Don't buy anything unless you need it.

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