Amy Sherer

Amy Sherer, (fka Huddleston) is a well respected painter who lives in Seattle, Washington. Portraits are her main interest but she also does still life and landscapes. She worked primarily in acrylic but in 2011 decided to change and work in oil with a muted palette and only from observation. 

Sherer studied at The University of Montana and the Art Institute of Seattle.  She left early because teachers were encouraging her to give up realistic painting. 

She says, "Overall, it is important for me to maintain the work as a painting, over a picture or illustration.  Though that is the case, it is also of great importance that the viewer relate to the work, find it beautiful, and also find it interesting enough to want to continue to look at it."  To see more of her work go to:




6133 W. Appleton Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


Phone 414-447-6366    

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