Cell Phone, What a hassle!

My old cell phone, which was a flip phone, finally died. I had a deal through Virgin Mobile at $20. every three months. Even at that I had a million unused minutes. The fact is I hardly need a cell phone. I am not out of range of my landline very much and when I am gone from the house I don't want to talk to anyone. I need it for those rare moments when I'm late or need to find someone in a crowd.

My new phone is prepaid and it's about the same price as my old one, $25. every three months and .25c a minute. It has access to the internet, texting, emailing, and lots of other stuff I don't need. It does look like fun though.

When I was setting it up, I must have done the entry code, the thing you have to do before the phone allows you to use it, with a pattern I didn't remember correctly. I couldn't get into the phone. I had to reset the settings to the beginning to.. Anyway it was a big problem and took a lot of effort on my part to figure it out. Now I have a cell phone that works and I am relieved.


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