Fun Time at Gallery 2622

Home In Wauwatosa

Opening reception,


July 6, 2018,

2622 N. Wauwatosa Avenue, (76th Street)

These paintings were done at a very precarious time in my life. Money was scarce and so was work. Ever since I had returned from 15 years living in New York City I was struck by the beauty of Wauwatosa. Wauwatosa is my home town but as a child growing up here, I took it all for granted. I had nothing to compare it to. Now, as an adult, and recently returned, I was struck by the beauty of the architecture, the tree lined streets, the homeyness and comfort. Since my circumstances were so in flux I was concerned about security and having a home.

My little dog, Scruffy, and I went on walks around the neighborhood and when I saw a composition that I liked, I stopped and memorized it as well as I could. Back in my studio I painted the memory. When you visually memorize you tend to leave out extraneous details and get to the essence of things. Things are much better now but I am still struck by the beauty of the place we live. I hope my work helps every one see it that way.


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