Man Falls In Love With A Fish

Ralph didn't know anything about fishing or rowing for that matter, yet here he was, rowing out onto the lake. With great trouble he got the slimy worm onto the hook and put the line in the water. It startled him when the line started to jerk. He was catching a fish! It tugged round and round and finally the man was able to pull the fish on board. He grabbed the wiggling fish and pulled the hook out of its mouth and put it in the bucket of water.

Pulling in at the pier he got out of the boat and brought his fishing gear and the bucket with bewildered fish, still swimming around. On the screened porch of the rented cabin he looked in at the fish. Hmmm, what to do about him?

The old cabin was decorated like they had done it 50 years ago and decided they were satisfied. The walls were knotty pine with yellowy varnish. There was an upholstered rocker and a aluminum kitchen table with formica top and chairs, plastic seats and backs. The place was decorated so long ago it was now back in fashion. It smelled of mildew and the many years of families staying here.

In the morning the fish was floating in the pail. He walked out to the backyard where there was a shovel and dug a grave. Into the hole went the fish and that was the end of that.




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