Peter Max

This Max painting is listed for $28,000.

I was in a local Milwaukee gallery recently and saw a few original paintings by Peter Max. Peter Max is a well known artist, gets high prices for his work but no respect from his peers.

Max has been famous since the 60's and was good at representing the times. There hasn't been much change in that time.

I have liked some of his paintings but the problem with him is that he is such a light weight and an illustrator, which didn't help. A self promoter, he always seemed so obnoxiously in your face and not very likable. He tried to be connected to the Maharishi, guru to the Beatles, for awhile. But Peter Max never felt sincere. He was just a pretender. He certainly knew how to make a lot of money though.

The thing I wondered about him is, how an artist can be so well known, get really high prices for his work, and yet no respect.




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