The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

The great book by Carson McCullers

I just finished rereading the really great book by Carson McCullers and I recommend it.

The story is set in a small southern U.S. town. The main character is Mick Kelley, a teenaged girl. Her family is confronting depression era poverty and, to make ends meet, they have taken in boarders into their large house. One of the boarders is John Singer, a deaf mute. Other characters befriend him and interpret his silence as agreement with their point of view.

This book was published when McCullers was only 23 years old. She had not traveled outside her little town but was very well read. She started the book when she was just 19.

I had not read the book in a long time but remembered the effect it had on me and decided to reread it these many years later. It still has the same effect and I continue to think about it after my second reading. It is a really profound book that the Modern Library ranked as the 17th most important book of the 20th century.




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