Indeed, Banana, you've got appeal.  Bananas are a staple of our diet. One of the most modestly priced fruits and they always seem to be in abundance no matter the time of year. They come prepackaged and ready to eat.

This painting shows a bunch of bananas painted in my own style.  The bunch is in the light coming from the right.  There is a knife ready to help you open that banana up.

The reason I painted these is because bananas have a comical asspect that I like.  There are countless examples of bananas being funny.  The slippery peel droped on the sidewalk. There used to be a magician on Sunday Night tv called the banana man who would pull and endless amount of fruit out of his coat.

This is a really fun painting that would look great in any home.  What wall will you hang it on?

Banana, Banana, You've Got Such Appeal!, Framed Original Art




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