This painting was done shortly after the election of Joe Biden. Which ever side you are on I'm sure you felt better when it was over.  Green is a calming color and the simple shapes are meant to be peaceful. These paintings are done in an intuitive manner, so no plans are made in advance.  The painting proceeds by trial and error until it reaches a point at which I feel satisfied. There are many layers of paint and experiments painted over.  They start one way and end up much different.


There is an opportunity for you to be creative too.  The painting can be hung in any direction you choose.  You can turn it clockwise, counterclockwise and back again for constant variety.


This 12x12" painting is done with acrylic paint on a wood panel.  There is a cradle on the back to make for easy hanging right out of the box.


Day Of Relief, 12x12"




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