The last tomato of the season, but I hope not.  This tomato is from friends garden so it's the real thing!

This 6x6" painting shows a tomato sitting in front of a small vase and bowl.  The oil paint has cold wax in it which makes the paint thicker.  The paint is applied with a palette knife which accounts for the textured surface.  The light is coming from the left as shown by the shadows.  Free Shipping within the USA.


Just a story.

A man was walking on the street when he noticed his shoe was untied. He put his foot up on a nearby step to re-tie it. As he was standing there an ant climbed up his other shoe, then his sock, then up his leg! He started walking again and felt an itch at his knee. He scratched his knee and the ant fell out. The man, unaware of this, kept walking.

Last Tomato




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