Three's A Crowd

This 12x12” oil and cold wax painting represents my new approach to still life.  It is a new compositional approach that has to do with the way the objects are arranged on the canvas.  Most still life art places the objects in the middle.  I was influence by the way movies and television cut things off at the edge.  It creates a feeling that there is something beyond what you see and that the image is a fleeting moment.

     The oil paint is mixed with a wax medium.  It makes the paint thicker and shows all the marks used to make the art. It dries to a non shiny rich color.  After it’s dry the surface is dry and hard and does not feel waxy.  The paint is applied with a palette knife which is a tool similar to a small spatula.

     I’m really excited by this new approach both with the composition and adding wax to the paint. I love the thickness of the paint!

     This painting comes in a sturdy cardboard box.  It is ready for hanging right away.  You have two weeks to live with it.  If you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund.

Three's A Crowd




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